Putting Provenance on Display.

Flex your NFTs, accessories, and physical art with blockchain authentication for all audiences.

Singularity #176

Registered To: Cult of Flex

Join the Cult of Flex with badges starting at 0.04.

Initiate Badges

Initiate Badges allow you to display your community membership and ownership status, with pride. Initiate badges allow anyone with a smartphone or computer to readily see that your profile photos, merchandise, and fine art prints are authentic without any wallet interactions, single-use apps, or browser extensions.


Apprentice Badges

Ensure that the next owner of your assets get the full benefits of Cult of Flex membership. Apprentice Badges make use of functionality in the Cult of Flex smart contract to attach a registration to an asset. Arcane Badges will automatically be transferred with an item, providing a convenient solution for NFT afficianados who would like to authenticate their prints, apparel, and other merch - without requiring future buyers to make multiple transactions.



The Cult of Flex team will periodically mint Relics for contest rewards, giveaways, and discretionary auctions. Relics consist of a luxury item (handbags, belts, duffels, etc.) with a custom fabricated, self-referential badge attached. Documentation proving the item's authenticity and history will be available upon scanning the attached badge.

Our smart contract has provisions to allow designers, fashion houses, and artists to produce Relic badges for their products, so their customers will know they're buying authentic, and everyone you see on the street will know you're wearing the real deal.